Friday, April 27, 2012


So I got my first cupcake job! I know, exciting right!

A girl at work saw a cupcake book I brought to show my co-worker. She started flipping though it and got a brilliant idea. "How much would you charge me to do Mickey Mouse cupcakes for (her daughter's) birthday?" Well, I had to think about that, but of course I jumped on this job. So, I started browsing the internet and found an idea.

 I started the cupcake making process two days ago and delivered them today. The process took two days, because i needed to make candy clay, which can be stored for up to four days at room temperature. What is candy clay, you ask? Well its simple; it's just candy melts and corn syrup.

Anyways after to let it sit for 3 hours, I strongly suggest taking it out of the bowl. If you don't, you'll have to reheat it like I did. After you get it firm and start working with it, it basically is like modeling chocolate.

Rolled out, it looks like this:

I made the bows for Minnie Mouse first, which I didn't take a picture of (wish I had). While making the bows, I baked the cupcakes in pink and red liners. I used a fondant roller (you can get that a Wal-Mart) to make straight edges, and basically just shaped the clay to look like a bow. Candy Clay is pretty easy to work with.

After the cupcakes were out of the oven, I let them cool by hitting the gym. That way, I wasn't at home thinking about getting icing on them too soon.

When I got home, I started making the icing. I used regular buttercream icing. You can get the recipe off . I separated it into three bowls, on small and two large. The I colored the large bowls of icing red and pink. 

The "white" icing will be more off-white unless you omit the butter. I chose not too.

I then used a 1M tip to ice the cupcakes, giving the a delicate swirl. I used a small round tip to pipe polka dots and suspender buttons. 

I chose cookies for the ears. Lesson learned: if using cookies, wait to the last minute to add them to the cupcake. They tend to get soft and break.

All in all, I think they turned out pretty well. The girl I made them for did too :)

Check 'em out :

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So, I've recently decided to start blogging. I figure this gives me an excuse to bake more. In the past, I've gotten most of my ideas from other bloggers, but now I'm feeling a bit more confident in my abilities. So, I've decided to share. Check out some of my past work, and I'll share some new stuff soon! 

One of my first cakes

Second cake: the sprinkles did not want to cooperate

Easter Egg cookies ( I got the idea from Bake @ 350)

Toadstool cookies with buttercream icing: found the idea for these on the net ;)
My mother-in-law and I did this for my husband's groom's cake. It's the first time either of us have worked with fondant. Not too shabby, eh?
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