Saturday, May 2, 2015

Introducing Minted!

Hey there. Wow it's been a really long time. By really, I mean extremely. Let's catch up. We had a bout with no internet. Now we have internet. [yay!] I started a new job, which kind of takes up a lot of the time I used to spend preparing for blog posts, and we've sort of been eating healthy. I haven't really learned what all it takes to prepare my own healthy meal, so I've been following other recipes. I don't feel comfortable posting those, so the blog will have to suffer until I can break free and do my own healthy thing. So, look forward to that. There has been one more factor in my non-posts. Hubby has gotten into computer gaming. He loves that stuff, so I let him use my laptop. As soon as he gets his own, maybe I'll be back in full swing. So until then, my posts may be a bit sporadic. However, I do have something pretty exciting for you today!

 photo minted_header_logo.png

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