Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Little Fun Family Vaca

Since Hubby and I moved to SW Florida, we've been missing our family. Finally after six months, my parents and sister came to see us. We were so excited, and it was a great week. We even headed to Busch Gardens for a day trip. 

If you are planning a trip to Busch Gardens, I have a few tips for you [and a few pics]!

Ok, so the pictures aren't that great. I used an iPhone, so I got iPhone quality. But, they aren't bad either.

Before you go, check online for tickets. Busch Gardens has a great deal for one-day admission. We got our tickets for $85 plus FREE All Day Dining. Yeah, it was awesome. They have some really great restaurants with good amazing food! Let's just say that a family of four was in front of us in line, and they spent over $80 on their food. We ate twice that day for free, and we received all snacks for half off. Luckily I saw the sign before we paid $18 for 3 souvenir cups. We got those and a bag of popcorn for $12. 

So, All You Can Eat Dining = BEST DEAL EVER!

Another thing, you can take a safari for $29 per person. It takes you really close to the animals, and I think you get to feed some of them. Or, you can take the train or sky trolly for free. We took the train. We wanted to take the sky trolly, too, but it was closed for 1 hour for inclement weather. We decided not to wait, because by that time we were very tired.

Ok, last few tips - 

Wear comfy shoes and thin socks. Also, wear clothes that dry fast. There are 3 water rides. I suggest a dry fit shirt and gym shorts [board shorts for the guys].

Oh yeah, it also costs 50 cents to store your bag in a locker. You cannot store them beside the rides. My suggestion is take place your phone or camera in a ziplock bag, and leave everything else in your bag. Store your bag at a ride near the front, and pick it up at the end of the day.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip. Kids, well, they would love it. I really liked the fact that it was basically a zoo and a theme park combined. 

My score for Busch Gardens Tampa - A+

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  1. Renea,
    I think your pictures are great! I love the white tiger and the gorillas. You've got some awesome animal shots.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

    1. Thanks Wanda! I took 150 pics, so I tried to pick out the best ones.

  2. I agree! You got some great shots, even if it were with your iphone! I want to take Landen to the zoo soon! Of course, there is nothing as good as Bush Gardens around here ;)!
    Kayla @ The Alabama Angle

    1. Kayla, do you have a blog? What's the link????

      Also, Landon would love the zoo!

  3. I visited BG Williamsburg once and loved it. BG has 6 Flags beat imo.


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