Saturday, May 2, 2015

Introducing Minted!

Hey there. Wow it's been a really long time. By really, I mean extremely. Let's catch up. We had a bout with no internet. Now we have internet. [yay!] I started a new job, which kind of takes up a lot of the time I used to spend preparing for blog posts, and we've sort of been eating healthy. I haven't really learned what all it takes to prepare my own healthy meal, so I've been following other recipes. I don't feel comfortable posting those, so the blog will have to suffer until I can break free and do my own healthy thing. So, look forward to that. There has been one more factor in my non-posts. Hubby has gotten into computer gaming. He loves that stuff, so I let him use my laptop. As soon as he gets his own, maybe I'll be back in full swing. So until then, my posts may be a bit sporadic. However, I do have something pretty exciting for you today!

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We're talking about Minted. If you've never heard of Minted, well I invite you to click that link and check it out. It's a great website for art or paper. Speaking of paper, wedding season is coming up. You know what that means - invitations. You're getting them, or receiving them, whatever. Minted is a great place for those.

So what all does Minted feature? Well, let's take a look.
Get beautiful art at
First, they have a great selection of art. I just love that piece above, and you can even pick out your frame. They have so much to choose from. If you're looking to add some fun images that aren't too personal to your home, Minted is a great place to look.

Foil Prints from
However, if you're like me, and you want a more personal touch, they also have loads of customizable options. My personal favorites are the foil stamped photo art. Seriously. I couldn't decide what I like best, so I just picked one to show you. They are all so pretty and different. It seriously makes me want to go have pictures taken just to utilize this great accent. Hmm...actually, that sounds like a great idea!

Kids decor from

Baby on the way? No? Already have a kid? Well this one is for you. Minted has a unique collection of children's decor. How cute is that dragon art? I cant wait to show my sister. She's having a baby in October, and they have some pretty awesome nursery ideas!

 Fabrics by the Yard from

Oh, but I'm also in desperate need of curtains. My mother-in-law is an awesome seamstress. So, I honestly squealed when I saw Minted's fabric by the yard. There are way too many options, because I seriously had a hard time choosing my favorite. I absolutely love those Native American patterns, but I'm also a classic floral girl. So, what's a girl to do? I'll tell you...fabric for every room! 

 Custom Cards from

Did I mention the Christmas cards? Oh, it's too early for Christmas? Who cares. I absolutely love Christmas cards. Seriously, I have some stocked up for years to come. 

 Custom Cards from

Last but not least, did I mention earlier that it's wedding season? Well, Minted has a new line of wedding stationery - save the dates!

Ok, ok. I know I'm fan-girling, but you should totally check out! They have some really great stuff. Oh, you think I showed you everything? Not even close. Go check it out, and tell me what you like best!

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disclaimer: Cupcake-n-bake has been compensated for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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