Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Olympics Cookies

The Summer Olympics start Friday, and who doesn't love the olympics? I sure do! So to celebrate, I made Olympics Cookies!

Aren't they cute! They are perfect for an Olympic party, or just for a snack. These cookies don't have too much icing on them, so if you aren't into that, they are great!

Here's what you'll need:
# 2 piping tip (more than one is preferable)
Royal Icing
Cookie Dough
Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, and Green gel coloring
Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, and Green sugar crystals
Small Round Cookie cutter
Small knife
Small round paint brush (available at the craft store)


First, you'll need to roll out your dough. The type of dough you are using will determine how thick it should be. I used my Grandma's Tea Cookie Recipe (Post coming later), and they needed to be thin.

Use a small round cookie/biscuit cutter to make the outline of the rings. Do not press too hard, because you want the circles to stay attached. This will simply give you an outline when you start to pipe. Use the knife to outline the edges, so you can transfer the cookie to a baking sheet.

Let your cookies cool completely. Now you are ready for decorating.

Working one color at a time, pipe your outline. Remember, the Olympic Rings interlock, so be sure to leave a space for the next color. This is why it is best to work with one color. Start with the blue, and work your way to the red. Make sure you pipe in this order: Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, Red.

Fill in each ring with the designated color. Because the rings are such a small area, I find it best to pipe the filling in. If you want to flood, that's okay too. Just be careful not to over-flood.

To add the sprinkles, lightly brush corn syrup on each color. Do this one color at a time, and dust the designated color sprinkles onto the rings. Let the cookie sit for a few minutes after each dusting to insure they are dry. By the time you are finished dusting all the cookies, the first one should be dry. Now you can move to the next color.

When you have finished dusting the sugar crystals onto your cookies, gently shake the cookies to get the excess sprinkles off. There will most likely be a few sprinkles that went haywire, but that's okay! It's just a cookie, after all.

There you have it, Olympics Cookies for all your Olympic party needs!

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  1. Such cute cookies!! What a fun treat for watching the games

    Thanks for linking up! I shared your post in my wrap up Have a fabulous weekend!


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