Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'll Take It Tuesday - Nude Heels

So, I've decided to start a new [random] blog series called I'll Take it Tuesday. When I say random, I mean that this series will not be published every Tuesday or every other Tuesday or on any kind of schedule. It will, however, always be posted on a Tuesday. It will focus on things I like, want, or just bought. Just think of it as my way of letting you get to know me a little better. Doesn't that sound fun? :)

 I'll Take it Tuesday Series from @cupcake_n_bake

Today, I want to talk about my birthday present that I bought with the money my mom sent me. So I guess you could say these were my gift from my parents. Cool thing is, I had money left over, and of course, I spent it on food. Hey, at least it was healthy food.

 Nude Heels from DSW

As you've probably guessed, I bought myself a pair on nude heels. I know what you are thinking, big deal, everyone has a pair. Well, I didn't. You see, I have this issue where I can't buy myself stuff. Most everything I get, I get as a gift. I usually only purchase things that I need. So, birthday money = the perfect opportunity to buy shoes!

 Madden Girl nude heels from DSW

I bought these are my local DSW for an awesome price of $40. I can't hardly walk into DSW without wanting to spend a ton of money. Even though they also had a pair of super cute coral heels, I decided to buy the nude ones, because they go with pretty much anything. I honestly don't have anything that I could wear coral shoes with. Anyways, these look great with my favorite dress. I literally want to wear this outfit every single Sunday.

 Madden Girl nude heels from DSW

So, if you need a pair of nude heels to match everything in your closet, I suggest trying these. They are Madden Girl, and you won't be sorry. They are slightly less expensive than the Jessica Simpson brand, so that was a go for me. 

Madden Girl Nude Heels in a size 7 - That's what I'll take this Tuesday. 

What will you take?

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