Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prayers for Oklahoma

If you don't know about the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, I'm not sure where you've been. But, if you don't know, turn on the news, read articles on the internet, just look it up. It was devastating. It hit two elementary schools. Fortunately all of the students were accounted for in one of those schools. The other school wasn't so lucky. There have been many deaths, and there are still many missing.

I know first hand the fear of a tornado. You get maybe minutes warning. It's terrifying. While I've personally never experienced damage to my own property, I've seen destruction that is eery. 

I'm from Alabama. On April 27, 2011, we had tornados all throughout the state. They killed 278 people. I worked at a call center, and I can distinctly remember hoping I wouldn't die in the halls at work. I remember hoping my husband had left work to get our dog and then went to his parents' basement. I remember hoping that nothing would happen at my parents' house. Fortunately for us, our area was one of the only areas not hit. 

The tornados leveled a town not far from us. It was a small town, so nearly everything was destroyed. I think 72 people died there. I knew people from there. I had never experienced that before. In Tuscaloosa, where I had graduated college, the tornado ripped down one of the most popular streets. I remember seeing video and crying. I had graduated the year before, and I still thought of it as home. I had friends there. I remember trying desperately to get in touch with them. I didn't lose anyone. I was so fortunate. Many were not. 

Moore, Oklahoma needs all the peace they can get. It's going to be hard to rebuild. They need prayers that they might find those missing children. They have lost so much, and the survivors will never forget. 

If you would like to help, please donate to the red cross. These families need everything - food, water, shelter, clothing, supplies. It's going to be long rebuilding process, but they will overcome.

There is a saying in Tuscaloosa - T-Town Never Down, and neither is Moore, Oklahoma. 

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